Mama 2012 poster

MAMA is a 2012 Spanish-Canadadian horror film. Originally set for an October 2012 release, It was released in theaters on 18 January 2013.


Jeffrey D'Asange, kills his business partners and estranged wife before taking 5 year-old Victoria and 3 year-old Lilly, away from home. Driving dangerously fast on a snowy road, Jeffrey loses control and the car slides off and down the mountain, crashing into the woods. Surviving, He takes the children to an abandoned cabin and builds fire, even though Victoria is resistant, Thinking she saw someone inside. Planning to kill his daughters and commit suicide, He holds a gun to Victoria's head, but a shadowy figure drags him away and snaps his head. Victoria turns around, but because her father had took her glasses away, she did not see the gun and what was happening. The girls, huddled by the fireside, are tossed a cherry by a mysterious figure.

Five years later a rescue party, sponsored by Jeffrey's identical twin brother Lucas, find Victoria & Lilly alive, but in a feral state after years of isolation. The girls are put in a welfare clininc under the psychiatric care of Dr. Gerald Dreyfuss. They make reference to "Mama", a maternal protector figure. With Lucas tries to communicate with the girls, they are initially hostile, but Victoria recognizes him after he gives him a pair of glasses and she can see him properly. Dreyfuss agrees to support Lucas and his girl-friend Annabel's custody claim against the girls' maternal great -aunt Jean Podolski. In exchange, they must move into a clinic-owned house and grant Dreyfuss continued contact with Victoria and Lilly for research purposes. When Victoria and Lilly arrives at the house, Victoria is immediately taken in by the life at the house while Lilly is still going through how she lived on the cabin and is not used to being around Lucas or Annabel.

While in bed with Lucas, Annabel is startled by the appearance of a shadowy, monstrous figure in their doorway. While investigating, Lucas is attacked by "Mama" and is put into a coma after falling down the stairs.

Cast Edit

  • Jessica Chastain as Annabel Moore
  • Nicolaj Coster-Waldau as Lucas Desange / Jeffrey Desange
  • Megan Charpentier as Victoria Desange
    • Morgan McGarry as Young Victoria
  • Isabelle Nelisse as Lilly Desange
    • Maya and Sierra Dawe as Young Lilly
  • Daniel Kash as Dr. Gerald Dreyfuss
  • Javier Botet as Mama
    • Laura Guiteras as Mama (Voice)
    • Melina Matthews as Mama (Voice)
    • Hannah Cheesman as Beautiful Mama / Edith Brennan
  • Jane Moffat as Jean Podolski / Mama (Voice)
  • David Fox as Burnsie
  • Julia Chantrey as Nina
  • Elva Mai Hoover as Secretary 
  • Dominic Cuzzocrea as Ron
  • Diane Gordon as Louise